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17 June 2009 @ 03:18 pm
Be nice to her, she might be rich.  
It happened again.

Back in May, I wrote about how The Lovely Mrs. byoolin's trebuchet and I were carjacked by a little old lady who asked us - in a how can you refuse me, I'm just a little old lady kind of way - to take her to her bank.

It happened to us again. This time, we were going in the opposite direction on the same road, and there she was, stooping in wait.

"She's very aggressive," said The Lovely Mrs. byoolin's trebuchet as the woman approached. When she saw us, she started across the street in what I now realize was a game of Ride-or-Roadkill.

We stopped, not wanting the blood of a little old lady on our consciences, not to mention her faceprint in our windshield, and prepared to tell her we couldn't take her to the bank when she threw us a curve.

She asked to go to a different bank, one that was not out of our way. She clambered into the back seat and nattered for the three minutes it took us to get where she was going. We dropped her off in the parking lot and wished her luck with her return trip.

I would have liked to have parked across the street and watched as she tried to cross five lanes of traffic to catch a ride back home, but we had places to go. I'm sure we'll see her again; after all, Wheeling has more than two banks.